Sabtu, 12 November 2011

A little Love from Sight

Its not first sight at all. Because LOVE isnt simple enough. LOVE didnt just take first sight only.
Its second, third, fourth sight i ever seen you. I know. I know, you're more, and more than me. But still, I felt you are the only one made from God just for my little burden be on my heart. I dont know, How Enviroment conspirate our time together while we enjoyed and met that moment.
I'd just of think that. I;ve been on crush to you..
but Honest, Im not pretend it. Im just.. feel you are the one on my brain now. So sorry, If i have disturbed you. Im easy, Im simple to talk because I want to know you more, even just a little.

I must took care my future first.. So wait me my future, Grap me back, I'll focus to my subject and reach the time just to know, Who the realized will my next ? :)

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