Sabtu, 17 Maret 2012

Sponsored Giveaway : March 2012 by Naughty Bug and Pigmalion

Watch Out, Giveaway Alert!

Naughty Bug it's an accessories handmade line that started 2 years ago, the owner start this business merely
just from her hobby, while taking care of her lovely daughter, Violetta. This energic and warm heart mommy also a DKV lecturer in one of world class university. You can see her passion in colour since it's her best field in lecturing. She transformed colour and ambience into this unique handmade jewelry. (HERE)

Jadi.. Inti cerita..   Naughy Bug FB  berkerjasama dengan Pigmalion Fashion Shop buat ngadain Giveaway yang hadiahnya.. Cantik, Menarik dan Unik!

Cantik kan semuanya? Kalau begitu Ayooo Ikutan!
This is Sponsored Giveaway (Valid from Today until March 20th 2012)
Not International (Indonesia only)

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  1. congratulations dear, you are one of the winner.
    please check my blog for next step.