Sabtu, 31 Desember 2011

Flawless Shoes

Have you ever feel that you found something that so beautiful? That so... Flawless.
I found it today. I dont know, How a shoes make my Heart beating so hurt? *I feel... Its Different.
I LOOOOVEEE THIS SHOES. but Idk Why It can be Happend?

Honestly, I never felt like this. I always use what I love wear. Sandals? Always.
Sneakers? Sometimes. But Itsss gorgeous!!!
Check This Out!


Today, Im blogwalking alone and Found The first giveaway from Sist I mean.. Kak Sabrina. She is beautiful Rite? Like her blog. :D Flawless, Cute and Unique!!! Very Cool rite? Because it shoes are from Adorable. Adorable is handmade shoes then its also UNIQUE.. :) 
So Thanks The Info Yeay! You can Also Join this event from Hii. chabe

Enjoy your Sunday on 2012! It;s your Fist Sunday Guys!

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