Rabu, 09 November 2011

sorry, pardon, maaf :')

Its been so long time no see folks. I have enjoyed my life time on senior high school. Fortunately, I was alive until now. I've been more mature, bigger and well-known because I choosed my life more better than yesterday. (Amiiin YRA). Now, my future plan is to keep my parents smile on my score. Nowadays, I felt so bored to study. Idk, My body isnt in good condition, yet. My sister and brother always tell me too cheer up my day. But its totally worst. Im still lazy to open my book.
Until one day. A day when my body is in the last period. I got a flu, headache, and many more. So disturbing my plan. I thought its no problemo if im still to do my plan. But Now. I must take a rest with Alpara and Tremenza. Sooooooooooo ... Alhamdulilah YRA. Take care my health is important thing. Take care my mood always too. Thanks my Almighty. Thanks my Mom. :* (For My mom who Always cheers me up, now she is on her way  to Jember from Bandung.)
I had a little problem in my class. Idk, its always my fault. I think, My mouth isnt have a key to keep it shut up. But I always spontaneous talk with honestly. Then, If I had a joke, Its always (idk) hurt for someone. Its a Joke, but still if you feel not good with that, so tell me. I must say sorry to you. :')

With my Lovely, Flu and Headache, <3 Economics too. (Why teacher always give s us all of kindness from Homework?) ANPS :)

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